108th Congress - Congressional Correspondence

November 9, 2004
Letter to Representative Tom Davis Regarding the Status of a Request from the Senior Executives Association for an Advisory Opinion about 18 U.S.C. 208 (

September 1, 2004
Letter to Senator Joseph Lieberman Regarding OGE’s Review of a Report by the Inspector General for the Department of the Interior (

July 19, 2004
Letters to Representative Tom Davis (PDF) and Senator Susan Collins (PDF) Regarding Recommendations made in a General Accounting Office Report about Ensuring Independence in Federal Advisory Committees  

November 21, 2003
Letter to Senator Ernest Hollings and John McCain Regarding S. 1264 (Reauthorizing the FCC) that Deals with Senior Employees for Purposes of 18 U.S.C. 207 Post-Employment Restrictions (

November 20, 2003
Letter to Representative John Conyers Regarding Comments He made in a Press Statement on Conflicts of Interest Laws as They Apply to Special Government Employees (

October 30, 2003
Letters to Representative C.W. Young and Others (PDF) and Senator Ted Stevens and Others (PDF) Regarding Annual Technology Security Review for OGE 

October 29, 2003
Letter to Representatives W.J. Tauzin and James Greenwood Transmitting the Complete 1987 Review Report of the Ethics Program at the National Institutes of Health (

September 5, 2003
Letter to Senator Paul Sarbanes Regarding the Financial Holdings of Mr. Mark Brickell, Nominee for the Position of Director of the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (

August 1, 2003
Letters to the Senate (PDF) and House of Representatives (PDF) Transmitting OGE's Inventories of Commercial and Inherently Governmental Activities, Pursuant to the Federal Inventory Reform Act  

July 16, 2003
Letters to the Senate (PDF) and the House of Representatives (PDF) Transmitting OGE’s Proposal to Amend the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 by Streamlining and Simplifying Financial Disclosures  

July 9, 2003
Letter to Senators John Warner and Carl Levin Regarding H.R. 1588 (Defense Authorization), which would Add Restrictions Duplicating the Standards of Conduct (

May 7, 2003
Letter to Senator Russ Feingold Regarding the Hiring of the Former Acting Administrator of the FAA to a Position in a Private Company and the Applicability of 18 U.S.C. 207 Post-Employment Restrictions (

April 7, 2003
Letter to Speaker Dennis Hastert Transmitting a Copy of OGE’s Performance Accountability Report for FY 2002 (