Compliance Division

The Compliance Division (CD) is responsible for (1) managing elements of the public financial disclosure program; and (2) monitoring and reviewing agency ethics programs to ensure compliance with applicable ethics requirements established by statutes, rules, regulations, and Executive Orders.

Financial Disclosure Branch (FDB)

The Financial Disclosure Branch (FDB) ensures executive branch leaders who have been appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, as well as Designated Agency Ethics Officials (DAEOS), remain free of conflicts of interest after they take office by collecting and analyzing their annual, termination, and periodic transaction public financial disclosure reports. FDB reviews each report to ensure completeness and to resolve potential conflicts of interest. In addition to reviewing these reports, FDB posts reports to OGE’s website.

FDB also monitors compliance with ethics agreements made by Presidential Appointees during their Senate confirmation process to ensure commitments made to resolve potential conflicts of interests are timely met and appropriately resolved.

Program Review Division (PRB)

The Program Review Branch (PRB) exercises oversight of the executive branch ethics program through onsite monitoring of agency ethics programs. PRB’s oversight activities are designed to mitigate program vulnerabilities and disseminate model practices. PRB conducts onsite monitoring through plenary reviews and inspections. Plenary reviews comprehensively address all program elements while inspections provide a snapshot of the quality of an agency’s implementation of selected core ethics program elements. PRB summarizes its findings and issues recommendations for improvement in written reports.

Key Staff

Dale 'Chip' Christopher, Deputy Director for Compliance
Barbara Mullen-Roth, Deputy Director for Financial Disclosure 
Daniel L. Skalla, Chief, Program Review Branch – Professional Staff 1
Doug Chapman, Chief, Program Review Branch – Professional Staff 2