Director's Notes

OGE’s Electronic Financial Disclosure System, Integrity: Off to a Strong Start

January 11, 2016
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

A year after its launch, Integrity is off to a strong start. The system has been widely adopted throughout the executive branch, with over 100 agencies and more than 10,000 filers registered. Integrity’s user population continues to expand, and in 2016 every executive branch agency is expected to have registered filers in the system.

Remember the Gift Rules During the Holidays

December 02, 2015
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

It’s that time of year again: The season for reminding federal employees about the government’s rules against accepting certain types of gifts.

OGE’s New Approach to Ethics Education is a Success

November 25, 2015
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

Shortly after my appointment as Director in January 2013, I challenged OGE’s training staff to modernize and expand our efforts to educate ethics officials throughout the executive branch. On May 9, 2013, we announced our strategy in a program advisory and launched the Institute for Ethics in Government.

Surveying the Government Ethics Operations of Executive Branch Agencies

August 14, 2015
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

The Ethics in Government Act requires each agency to submit an annual report regarding its government ethics operations. We have posted these reports, along with a summary of key statistics about the executive branch ethics program, on OGE’s website.

OGE and the Inspector General Community

July 17, 2015
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

OGE and agency Inspectors General work together to ensure that the American public can have confidence in the integrity of its government.

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Enhancing the International Dialogue on Good Governance

April 06, 2015
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

OGE works with the State Department to support efforts to fight corruption across the globe. As part of this effort, OGE recently participated in a review of the United States’ implementation of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption.

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Meet OGE's New Deputy Director for Compliance, Dale Christopher

March 18, 2015
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.
Dale Chip Christopher speaking small

I am pleased to announce that the U.S. Office of Government Ethics has selected Dale “Chip” Christopher for the position of Deputy Director for Compliance.

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2014 Year in Review and What’s Next for OGE

January 02, 2015
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

January is a time for reflection as well as a time to set priorities for the New Year. I want to share just a few highlights from 2014 and provide a preview of what to expect from OGE in 2015.

A Holiday Reminder about the Gift Rules

December 02, 2014
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

The holiday season is upon us again, with homemade treats, gift baskets, assorted other goodies, and invitations abundant in workplaces across the country. For federal employees, now is a good time to review the government’s ethics rules on gifts.

By the Numbers: The National Government Ethics Summit was a Success

September 30, 2014
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

OGE's first National Government Ethics Summit was a success.  We brought together ethics officials and other stakeholders to strengthen the executive branch ethics program and, with our partners, presented an extraordinary quantity of high-quality training at a low cost.