Director's Notes

OGE’s Electronic Financial Disclosure System, Integrity: Off to a Strong Start

January 11, 2016
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

A year after its launch, Integrity is off to a strong start. The system has been widely adopted throughout the executive branch, with over 100 agencies and more than 10,000 filers registered. Integrity’s user population continues to expand, and in 2016 every executive branch agency is expected to have registered filers in the system.

Public Financial Disclosure: Ensuring Integrity and Transparency in Government

May 19, 2014
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

Every year, the government's top leaders disclose their financial interests in reports that are available to the public. This annual exercise in transparency is a cornerstone of the ethics program because the executive branch uses these reports to identify and resolve potential conflicts of interests.

Two Years since the Passage of the STOCK Act

April 04, 2014
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

Two years ago, the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (STOCK Act) imposed the most sweeping changes to executive branch ethics laws in over 20 years.

Meeting with Senior White House Officials and Agency Ethics Leaders

January 31, 2014
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

This week I met with senior White House officials and agency ethics leaders to discuss recent developments in the executive branch ethics community. 

2013 Year in Review

January 07, 2014
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

One year ago, I was sworn in as Director of OGE, a “small agency with the big mission of making sure the public can have confidence in the government’s impartiality.” Looking back a year later, I am proud of the work that OGE accomplished in 2013.

Responding to Emerging Issues: The Windsor Decision

December 05, 2013
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.

In the context of the Windsor decision, OGE’s Director discusses one of the most important ways OGE serves the executive branch ethics community – providing timely and accurate advice on emerging issues affecting the ethics program. 

Welcome to the Director's Notes

September 27, 2013
by Walter M. Shaub, Jr.
WH Photo OGE Director Walt Shaub (left) and other agency heads meet with President Obama and OMB Director Sylvia Burwell.

We have created this new feature so I can talk to you directly about the ethics program in the executive branch of the Federal government.