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All available records, including the public financial disclosure report, ethics agreement, Certificate of Divestiture and ethics pledge waiver, for the requested individual are listed below. Individuals may have only public financial disclosure reports and an ethics agreement; not all individuals have been granted Certificates of Divestiture or ethics pledge waivers.

You can view/download the ethics agreement and ethics pledge waiver directly from this page. To obtain copies of the public financial disclosure report and Certificates of Divestitures, click on “Add to Cart” and follow the instructions.

The new entrant ethics agreement, which sets forth the ethics commitments of the individual for the position, will appear with each annual report. For example, an ethics agreement that is labeled “2011 Ethics Agreement” and that accompanies the 2011 annual report is actually the “New Entrant Ethics Agreement.”

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Althen, William I

  • Agency: Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
  • Position: Commissioner

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2013 New Entrant Form 278 6/10/2013 Checkout Required
2013 New Entrant EA 6/10/2013 View/Download Now

2014 Season

2014 Form 278 7/28/2014 Checkout Required
2014 Ethics Agreement 7/28/2014 View/Download Now

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