DO-10-021: The Final DAEOgram

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December 30, 2010



TO: Designated Agency Ethics Officials

FROM: Robert I. Cusick, Director

SUBJECT: The Final DAEOgram

In February 2006, the Western Union Company delivered its last telegram. The DAEOgram, like its namesake the telegram, has delivered all manner of information over the years from announcing OGE training events, to forthcoming program reviews, to substantive legal guidance on the President’s ethics pledge. The exact date of the first DAEOgram is not entirely clear. Internal OGE communications refer to DAEOgrams within a few years of OGE’s creation in 1978. DAEOgrams back to 1992 can be found on the current OGE website. With its place in the development and evolution of the Executive Branch ethics program secure, it is time for the DAEOgram to join the telegram as a vitally important method for disseminating information but an anachronism in the 21st century.

Effective January 2011, OGE will retire the DAEOgram. In its place, OGE will transmit legal guidance, information about ethics program management, and ethics education opportunities through “OGE Advisories.” These issuances will be organized into three categories. “Legal Advisories,” will disseminate substantive legal guidance and are intended to be permanent in nature. “Program Management Advisories,” will provide ethics officials with information relevant to their responsibilities under subpart B of 5 C.F.R. part 2638, such as reminders of dates for financial disclosure filings and program review standards. Some of these Program Management Advisories will be temporary in nature and will be removed from the OGE website once their purpose has been served. “Education Advisories,” which announce OGE training events and products and provide information on the National and regional ethics conferences will also be removed from the OGE website once their purpose has been served.

The change from DAEOgrams to OGE Advisories is more than cosmetic. It is just one aspect of OGE’s commitment to open and transparent government. The centerpiece of this commitment is a new OGE website that will go live later in 2011. The new website will have more information available to ethics officials, federal employees, the public and media than in the past, and OGE is committed to making that information more accessible than ever before. Adopting three distinct types of advisories will help all visitors to both the current OGE website and our new website quickly locate the most current OGE guidance on the law, program management, and educational opportunities. The current OGE website will continue to have all the DAEOgrams OGE has issued since 1992. We will migrate to our new website only those DAEOgrams providing substantive legal and policy guidance and those disseminating current program administration or education information.

So, we bid farewell to the DAEOgram and honor the scores of OGE ethics professionals who for more than 30 years have dedicated their time and talents to providing the best possible legal and program guidance and education to the federal ethics community.