DA-08-25-92: New confidential financial disclosure form (SF 450)


August 25, 1992





New confidential financial disclosure form (SF 450)

The new standard form for confidential financial disclosure has been approved by OMB and GSA. A copy of this form, SF 450, is attached. The official version should be available through Government supply centers by late September or early October. It will be identical to the attached copy, except that the two instruction pages will be printed back-to-back, portions of the instructions and form will be shaded green, and the pages will be attached and perforated for tear-off at the left margin.

The standard forms branch at GSA advises us that local reproduction of the SF 450 is not authorized. Multiple copies should be obtained through Government supply centers, where sufficient quantities will be stocked and available for sale. The Government price on standard forms is typically more economical than local copying. Additionally, use of the Government stocked form assures that each copy is fully legible and bears the standard form's distinctive colors. Color shading will be particularly useful in distinguishing the SF 450 from the public disclosure form (SF 278), since the size and general format of the two documents are similar. Once we are informed by GSA that the SF 450 is available for requisition, we will let you know how to obtain a supply.

The new confidential disclosure system becomes effective October 5, 1992, under the terms of the interim regulation which was published at 57 FR 11800-11830 on April 7, 1992. Use of the SF 450 begins on that date for new entrants, and the first annual collection is set for October 31 (unless your agency has, in accordance with the DAEO-gram of April 9, 1992, recently collected under your old system and decided to waive the October 31 collection under the new system for 1992).

Because this is a new form which will not be available for requisition until very near the due date, we recognize that some agencies may experience difficulty in obtaining adequate supplies and making timely distribution. Therefore, pursuant to OGE's general authority over this uniform system, we are authorizing agencies to delay the first collection deadline for both new entrant and annual filers for up to 30 days, if necessary because of form availability problems. This is in addition to your authority under § 2634.903(d) of the new regulation to grant extensions to confidential filers totaling 90 days, for good cause shown. An agency's inability to obtain and distribute adequate supplies of the SF 450 would consitute good cause to grant a blanket extension for all its confidential filers under that regulatory authority, in addition to the 30-day delay which OGE has authorized herein.

For additional information on implementing the new confidential system, see our DAEO-gram of June 25, 1992, which discussed designation of position and establishment of internal written procedures. It also reminded agencies that they should be taking appropriate steps to revoke or amend any financial disclosure regulations which they may currently have, since the new uniform regulation supersedes them. If you have any other questions, please contact your OGE desk officer or the OGE general counsel staff.