DO-95-002: Revised SF 278, Public Financial Disclosure Form (1994 Edition)


January 11, 1995



Designated Agency Ethics Officials


Stephen D. Potts


Revised Public Financial Disclosure Form (SF 278)

Attached is a specimen photocopy of the newly revised SF 278, the public financial disclosure report form for executive branch personnel. As printed, this edition of the form bears rose shading and has a revision date of 6/94. The Federal Supply Service has begun to stock this new edition, but existing supplies of the gold-shaded version (revised 1/91) will continue to be distributed and should be used until depleted. The SF 278 stock number remains unchanged (NSN 7540-01-070-8444).

This revised form maintains the same basic organization and content as earlier versions. However, it contains the following changes:

1) Gift and reimbursement threshold disclosure values and exclusion levels have been adjusted, as required by section 314(a) of Public Law 102-90. These new values were the subject of an earlier DAEOgram, dated December 19, 1991; subsequently the effective date for these changes was postponed by statute to January 1, 1993.

2) The "not applicable" box for Schedule B and Part II of Schedule D has been removed. In its place, a reminder has been added on those Schedules to note that they do not apply to certain filers. Elimination of the "not applicable" box will reduce the burden on those filers for whom the sections do not apply. It should also help avoid confusion for those filers who are required to complete the sections but who have no interests to report; in the past, those filers have sometimes inadvertently marked the "not applicable" box when they should have indicated "none."

3) The term "candidate," as used to describe a statutory filing status, has been clarified to reflect its application to Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates only. In the past, some Presidential nominees to executive branch positions had mistakenly understood that they were candidates and that they could, therefore, omit Part II of Schedule D.

4) A continuation page for Schedule A has been added, for convenience of those filers who have more assets than the six entry lines of the basic Schedule A page will accommodate. The continuation page contains nine entry lines, and it may be photocopied for additional continuation pages.

5) The initials S, DC, and J (spouse, dependent child, and joint) have been removed from the first column for entries on Schedules A, B and C (Part I), because this had implied that filers were required to designate assets and interests which they did not hold directly. The instructions continue to state that these designations are permitted but not required by the statute or regulation.

6) On one or more of the Schedules, the examples have been improved, specific directions have been modified to better conform with statutory and regulatory requirements, and several minor stylistic and format changes were made.

7) On the cover sheet, the reporting status line has been altered to clarify that the calendar year box applies only to incumbent filers, and language in the certification block has been modified to conform with the statute.

8) The introductory instruction pages to the SF 278 have been revised to improve understanding and to reflect changes in the form itself. Additionally, the Privacy Act statement has been updated, references to GS-16 have been eliminated and corrected to reflect personnel law amendments, and the discussion on reporting reimbursements for official travel has been clarified.

We cannot predict when you will begin to receive this rose- shaded revised SF 278. That will depend upon stock levels of the earlier edition at various distribution points in the Federal Supply Service system. As indicated above, existing supplies of the gold-shaded version should continue to be used until they have been exhausted.

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