DO-95-020: Draft revision to confidential financial disclosure report form (SF 450)


April 20, 1995



Designated Agency Ethics Officials


Stephen D. Potts


Draft revision to confidential financial disclosure report form (SF 450)

Approval for the current green-shaded SF 450 as a standard form expires later this year. Attached is a draft of a revised form, which we plan to issue as OGE Form 450. This revision accomplishes the following:

  • removes the requirement to disclose information about accounts at financial institutions, money market funds, and U.S. Government obligations and securities, to comport with the 1993 amendment to 5 C.F.R. § 2634.907(a);
  • rearranges general instructions from the current SF 450, for user friendliness;
  • expands instructions from two to three pages, by including specific guidance for each Part of the form, and adding examples in the definitions;
  • maintains the form itself on two pages;
  • adds a home address box for special Government employees, to assist the reviewer in locating them for follow-up information;
  • clarifies that the box for date of appointment applies only to new entrants;
  • adds examples on each Part; and
  • adds blank line space to Part I, by removing some of the line space from the other Parts.

Note that this form has been redrafted within the current regulatory requirements; therefore, it is not fully responsive to recommendations that we received during our special audit last year. Changes to the substantive elements of the confidential disclosure system remain under study, as outlined in our DAEOgram of January 19, 1995 (DO-95-005).

Conversion to an OGE document rather than a standard form will streamline the approval and issuing process. We are exploring various approaches to distribution of the form when it is completed. One possibility is that each agency would reproduce its own supplies locally, rather than purchasing from the Federal Supply Service.

We would like to finalize and distribute the revised form by late 1995 or early 1996, but it will not be ready in time for the annual filing period this fall. In the interim, we will be seeking extension of standard form approval for the green SF 450, to accommodate filing requirements through the end of 1995.

If you have any comments or suggestions on this draft, please send them in writing, not later than May 26, 1995, to the Office of Government Ethics (Attention: Judy Kim). We will then make any necessary changes, publish a notice in the Federal Register, and seek final clearance from the Office of Management and Budget.

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