EA-11-02: 2011 Ethics Awareness Poster Contest


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April 14, 2011 




TO:                  Designated Agency Ethics Officials 

FROM:                  Matthew Cross 

Associate Director of Education 


SUBJECT:      2011 Ethics Awareness Poster Contest 

The U.S. Office of Government Ethics is pleased to invite submissions for the NEW 2011 Ethics Awareness Poster Contest.  Winners will be recognized and their poster concepts featured at the 18th National Government Ethics Conference on September 13-15, 2011 in Orlando, FL.  The deadline for receipt of entries is June 20, 2011. 

Employee awareness is a critical component of a successful ethics program, and posters are a great way to raise employees’ awareness of their ethical obligations. Two years ago, OGE created a series of ethics posters that were received by ethics officials and prominently displayed in government agencies.  We want to expand that poster series to breathe new life into the poster campaign and expand our messaging throughout the executive branch.  We need your help to come up with new poster concepts!   

We are looking for creative and innovative prose and image concepts that can be entered into our poster template. To enter, simply use the attached form to submit  title text for zone one, an image concept for zone two, and a brief selection of prose for zone three.  If you have a strong image concept in mind, please provide a sample image with your submission.  OGE will use your sample image as a conceptual guideline and secure the rights to that image or a similar image for final production.  For an example of a previous poster in this format, click here 


An example of a poster describing the 3 zones that need to be completed if entering the contest. 



To enter:  Click the hyperlinked image in order to enter the contest and submit a concept(s) 


Enter as many concepts as you like.  

Please contact Patrick Shepherd, Education Technology Training Specialist, Education Division, U.S. Office of Government Ethics at pshephe@oge.gov or (202)-482-9206 if you have any questions.