Ethics Posters

Several poster series developed both by OGE and and in partnership with the ethics community are available for download below. These posters are available for download individually, by series, or all at once. They can be personalized to include contact information for your ethics office. These posters can be used to increase employee awareness of their ethical responsibilities as well as the ethics office.

Please follow these instructions to download and personalize the posters.

2011 Poster Contest Winners


450 Reminder     Expose and
  Feeling Lucky?     Financial Data 
 450 Reminder Poster     Expose and Disclose Poster     Feeling Lucky? Poster    Financial Data Poster 
 How Are We
 How are we doing? Poster     Integrity Poster         

 14 Principles     2 Year Ban    $20 Rule   
 /uploadedImages/Education/Education_Resources_for_Ethics_Officials/Resources/14 Principles.form.jpg     /uploadedImages/Education/Education_Resources_for_Ethics_Officials/Resources/2 Year Ban.jpg    /uploadedImages/Education/Education_Resources_for_Ethics_Officials/Resources/20 dollars.jpg   

 Before You Walk
Out the Door...
  Impartiality    Let's Do Lunch     Looking for a New
Before You Walk Out the Door Poster    Impartiality Poster    Let's Do Lunch Poster    Looking For a New Job? Poster 
Public Service     Wearing Too Many
   Will You Be There?    Happy Birthday and Retirement and...   
 Public Service Poster     Wearing Too Many Hats? Poster     Will You Be There? Poster     Happy Birthday and Retirement and...Poster 

 Code of Ethics Poster