Points of Contact Are Used to Support the Ethics Program

Ethics counselors at one agency have established Points of Contact (POC) to support the ethics program within each of three directorates. POCs are responsible for ensuring that those employees within their respective directorates who are required to file financial disclosure reports and receive annual ethics training do so in a timely manner. POCs identify covered positions and monitor the staffing of those positions. They track the timely filing of new entrant and annual confidential disclosure reports and the completion of annual ethics training including late disclosure reports and non-completion of annual ethics training.

To recognize the importance and value of the POCs to the Ethics Program, the Ethics Staff, including the General Counsel (who is the Designated Agency Ethics Official), have an appreciation function at the end of the filing and training cycles. All POCs, their supervisors, and other officials from the directorates are invited. POCs are presented with certificates of appreciation and a nominal gift from the General Counsel's office recognizing their contribution to the Ethics Program. POCs are trained and provided direction throughout the reporting and training cycles by the ethics counselors.