Fundamentals of Public Financial Disclosure Pre-Course Self Assessment


If you have not previously taken the Introduction to Conflicts of Interest Course at OGE, please try to answer the following questions.  The Fundamentals of Public Financial Disclosure assumes that participants have a basic knowledge of the criminal conflict of interest statues and the standards of conduct.  If you are not able to answer the questions, please follow the links provided to access further information.  Please complete this learning exercise prior to attending the Fundamentals of Public Financial Disclosure class.

1. What does 18 USC 208 bar?

        Video: 208 Video   

2. What is the difference between particular matters involving specific parties, particular matters of general applicability, and general matters?

        Read:  2640.102(l) and (m), 2640.103(a)(1) and all examples, and
                  2635.402(b)(3) and Examples 1 and 2.
        Read: Advisory 06x9 

3. What is the definition of personal and substantial participation?  

        Read: 2640.103(a)(2) and example.

4. Whose interests are imputed to you under 18 USC 208?

       Read: 5 CFR 2640.103 (c) 

5. Where are the implementing regulations for 18 USC 208 found?

       Click here to see the answer and review the implementing regulation

6. Under 5 CFR 2635.502, with whom does an employee have covered relationships?

        Video: 502 Video 

        Read: 5 CFR 2635.502 

7. What are the remedies available to resolve conflicts under 18 USC 208? ? 

        Read: 5 CFR 2640 Subpart B

8. Have you read the 278 Instructions?        

        If not, follow this link and download a PDF of the instructions.