DO-96-011: New OGE Form 450 (1996 Edition)


February 27, 1996



Designated Agency Ethics Officials


Stephen D. Potts


New Confidential Financial Disclosure Form (OGE Form 450)

Attached is the new Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Form 450, which replaces the green SF 450. It is now ready for use as the primary means of collecting confidential disclosure reports in the executive branch under subpart I of 5 C.F.R. part 2634, as authorized by section 107(a) of the Ethics in Government Act and Executive Order 12674.

A draft of OGE Form 450 was circulated by DAEOgram on April 20, 1995, and we provided notice in the Federal Register on September 1 and December 6, 1995. We made clarifications to the draft, based on comments received, and the form has now received final clearance through the Office of Management and Budget, under the Paperwork Reduction Act.

The primary purpose of revising the SF 450 and replacing it with OGE Form 450 was to incorporate the 1993 regulatory change that eliminated reporting of deposit accounts, money market funds and accounts, and U.S. Government obligations and securities. The new form also rearranges and expands instructions, gives examples, makes minor changes to the personal data sections, provides more space for Part I, and simplifies the reporting of excepted investment funds.

Conversion to an OGE document for uniform use, rather than a standard form, streamlined the approval process. It has also eliminated the Federal Supply Service as a source of forms. Therefore, each agency should reproduce its own supplies of OGE Form 450 locally, using the attached copy for printing or photocopying. Note that this form is intended to be reproduced with black printing on white paper, without any color shading.

If you would like to print supplies of OGE Form 450 electronically, please contact your OGE Desk Officer for a diskette or for information on downloading from OGE's ethics bulletin board (TEBBS).

We hope that this new form will be more user-friendly for both filers and reviewers. We also anticipate that local reproduction will be cost-effective and will promote availability. You may continue to use any supplies on hand of the green SF 450 and may order remaining quantities held by the Federal Supply Service, if your agency needs time to phase in the production and use of the new form. We would like to have OGE Form 450 in full use as the primary confidential disclosure form not later than the annual reporting cycle in October of this year. However, that will not become mandatory until supplies of the green SF 450 have been exhausted, unless we advise you otherwise.

For agencies that have been using the optional electronic version of the current confidential disclosure form, which allows filers to prepare the form on a computer, you may continue to do so until we distribute a replacement later this year.

If you have any questions about reproducing OGE Form 450 or how to phase it in, please contact your OGE Desk Officer.