DO-93-021: Program Assistance Division 1993 Agency Survey

July 21, 1993


TO: Designated Agency Ethics Officials

FROM: Stephen D. Potts Director

SUBJECT: Program Assistance Division 1993 Agency Survey

The Program Assistance Division within the Office of
Government Ethics (OGE) has recently expanded its Desk Officer
program. The Division now employs ten Desk Officers to provide
ethics support to the approximately 120 Federal executive branch
departments and agencies. With the expansion, new possibilities
exist for the Desk Officers to assist agencies. To explore these
possibilities, Program Assistance is conducting a survey of the
agencies soliciting suggestions for additional services that it can

The main objective of the Program Assistance Division is to
render, through a Desk Officer system, more timely and consistent
assistance to the departments and agencies. This assistance
includes consulting with and providing advice to agency ethics
officials on various substantive ethics issues; assisting, when
requested, in systems development and ethics training; processing
routine correspondence and reports from the agencies; and reviewing
public financial disclosure reports. In addition, the Desk
Officers act as the main contact point for agencies to obtain
information concerning ethics matters from OGE. Finally, the Desk
Officers provide OGE with a valuable base of current knowledge of
each individual agency's ethics program.

Program Assistance will use the information from this survey
to develop programs on an executive branch-wide level or by
individual agency need. Any request outside the scope of the Desk
Officer program will be relayed to the appropriate OGE division.

The Desk Officers will respond personally to each of the
suggestions from their agencies. This interaction should benefit
both Program Assistance and the agencies by increasing the
effectiveness of the Desk Officer system. The Division would
appreciate a response by August 13, 1993. An envelope is attached
for your convenience. If you have any questions, please contact
your assigned Desk Officer or Tom Zorn, Chief, Program Assistance
Division. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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AGENCY NAME:_____________________________________________
YOUR NAME:_______________________________________________
YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER:___________________________________

1. In prior years, the Desk Officers of OGE's Program Assistance Division
(PAD) held brown bag lunches with several groups of DAEOs from agencies with
similar missions. In groups of four or five, they came together informally
with the Desk Officer to discuss ethics issues and program concerns.

Viewing these lunches as a way to encourage dialogue among agencies, the
Desk Officers would like to initiate these lunches on a regular basis. If you
would like to participate, please list in order of preference those topics
you would like to discuss:

_______OGE/agency coordination

_______Standards of conduct

_______Criminal statutes

_______Financial disclosure

_______Ethics training

_______Ethics counseling

_______Other issues: ____________________________________________


_______I would not be interested in participating.

2. With recent increased staffing, PAD staff members will be available on a
limited basis to assist agencies with their training needs. If you would like
such assistance, please list in order of preference the type of training
assistance that would most benefit your staff:

_______Standards of conduct

_______Review of financial disclosure statements

_______Criminal statutes

_______Training for special Government employees and advisory committee

_______Post employment training

_______Assistance with annual employee training

_______Training for regional staff

_______Other: ________________________________________



_______I am not interested in training assistance.

3. In order to assist you and also to understand better your agency's
program, PAD staff members would like to do more work on-site with your ethics
staff. How can we assist you? Please list in order of preference and also
give us your ideas:

_______Setting up financial disclosure tracking systems

_______Assistance in implementing OGE, IG, and GAO audit report

_______Briefing agency officials on the needs of the ethics program

_______Speaking at agency/regional training sessions

_______Preparation of the annual training plan

_______Other: ________________________________________________________



4. In what other areas would you like Desk Officers to provide assistance?