PA-13-01: Ethics Pledge Assessment

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January 9, 2013



TO:          Designated Agency Ethics Officials
                Alternate Designated Agency Ethics Officials

FROM:      Trish Zemple,
                Associate Director

SUBJECT:  Ethics Pledge Assessment

The United States Office of Government Ethics (OGE) is compiling information to assess agency compliance with Executive Order 13490, “Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel” (January 21, 2009). OGE is requesting information relative to appointees appointed during calendar year 2012. The information will be used to prepare the annual public report as required by the Executive Order.

The assessment will be distributed to Designated Agency Ethics Officials (DAEO), Alternate DAEOs, and designated agency points of contact Monday, January 14, via email. OGE will also be contacting agencies to obtain related information as necessary.

The DAEO is responsible for ensuring a coordinated response to the assessment on behalf of the agency. Because the Ethics Pledge is an important component of the ethics program, it is essential that each agency submit a prompt and accurate response by February 4, 2013. Please note that this assessment is separate from the Agency Ethics Program Questionnaire.

If you are a DAEO, Alternate DAEO, or designated agency contact and do not receive the assessment via email or you have questions about the assessment, please contact me at 202-482-9286 or at