Technical Review of Public Financial Disclosure Reports

Ethics Fundamentals Series: In this recording of a two-hour teleconference, participants new to financial disclosure will be introduced to the OGE Form 278 report and the technical requirements for its review. This session is designed to introduce participants to the statutes and regulations pertaining to the technical reporting and review requirements of the form. Courses covering the review for conflicts of interest and impartiality concerns is located in a separate section of OGE’s MAX site; you can listen by going to OGE's Distance Learning page. OGE recommends that you review both courses if you are assigned to financial disclosure review at your agency.

This presentation is on under the title Ethics Fundamentals Series: Technical Review of Public Financial Disclosure Reports.

You must have a MAX ID from OMB in order to access the teleconference. Registration for a MAX ID is available only to Federal government employees and contractors with a valid .gov, .mil, or email address.

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