DO-97-026: Results of the Office of Government Ethics' (OGE) Agency Ethics Training Program Survey

June 2, 1997



TO: Designated Agency Ethics Officials

FROM: Stephen D. Potts Director

SUBJECT: Results of the Office of Government Ethics' (OGE) Agency Ethics Training Program Survey

In February 1997, OGE conducted a survey to learn more about the experiences, opinions, and needs of agency ethics officials regarding various facets of their agency ethics training programs. Ninety-four ethics officials responded to our survey questionnaire, with many adding valuable written comments. The report on the survey results is attached.

The survey results indicated that most ethics officials believe that they have been successful in meeting the requirements of their agency ethics training program and were generally satisfied with the assistance provided by OGE. However, a significant number noted that both regulatory change and program delivery improvements are needed to help them more efficiently and effectively meet program objectives and increase employee satisfaction with ethics training. The need for relief from the annual ethics training requirement was the main recurring theme of the survey results. Training frequency was also noted as the area causing the most dissatisfaction among employees. These problems should be alleviated, or at least greatly diminished, by our recent interim rule amendments to OGE's training regulation. Continuing regional training problems, identified by many, should also be lessened as a result of the recent amendments.

Training materials and methods development were the areas most often identified as those in which additional help is needed from OGE. You requested additional interesting and relevant training materials, on a variety of topics, using the latest instructional methods including videos and computer-based training. OGE continues to work toward providing these tools for agency use.

These and other issues are discussed in detail in the report along with recommendations for actions to be taken by OGE. Let me assure you that we have already started discussions to implement these recommendations.

I want to thank the ethics officials who participated in this survey. The information you provided will enable OGE to improve its service to you. If you have any questions, please contact Phyllis Hoffer at 202-208-8000, extension 1184.