Electronic Reading Room

OGE's Web Site Information Resources
OGE now provides important Government ethics information online on its website, address: http://www.oge.gov. OGE's published advisory letters, guidance memoranda to agency ethics officials for the past several years, regulatory issuances, forms, and educational materials are all available without charge for viewing and downloading. These materials are accessible electronically without the need to file a FOIA request.

Specifically, OGE’s FOIA Reading Room is divided into three sections: Frequently Requested Records as defined by the FOIA; OGE’s Annual FOIA Reports and Chief Officer Reports; and Other OGE Documents.

OGE FOIA Reading Room Review & Certification Report
In the fall of 2008, OGE issued its FOIA Reading Room Review & Certification Report, as required by Executive Order 13392 (PDF) (HTML), in which the OGE Chief FOIA Officer, based on that review, certified that OGE is in compliance with the FOIA Reading Room requirements. In accordance with the Executive order and guidance thereunder, OGE also electronically filed its report upon issuance with the Department of Justice and the Office of Management and Budget.

OGE also has available a general FOIA reading room facility, which is available by advance appointment by calling OGE at 202-482-9300.