Frequently Requested Records

OGE has released many documents, either proactively or after multiple FOIA requests. These documents are provided in electronic form below.

Frequently Requested Documents

List of OGE MasterCard Government Purchase Cardholders (HTML)

FY 2013 OGE FOIA Log (PDF)
FY 2014 OGE FOIA Log (PDF)
FY 2015 OGE FOIA Log (PDF)

Frequently Requested Ethics Program Review Reports

United States Postal Service (2010) (PDF

    (2000)* (PDF)

    (1993)* (PDF)

    (1991)* (PDF)

    (1988)* (PDF)

    (1982)* (PDF

United States Department of Interior, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSM) and Office of Special Trustee for American Indians (OST) (2010) (PDF

Securities and Exchange Commission (2008) (PDF

Federal Bureau of Investigation (2008) (PDF)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (2001)* (PDF)
    (1995)* (PDF)
    (1990)* (PDF

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (2009)* (PDF)

Federal Trade Commission (2007)* (PDF)

*Note: These documents only exist as scanned PDF files and do not meet the Section 508 accessibility requirements. OGE will make every effort to replace the noncompliant files with compliant files when feasible. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the content of any of these documents, please send an email message to Contact OGE (mail to: or call 202-482-9300 for assistance.