Copies of OGE's annual FOIA reports (starting with calendar year 1996) and Chief Officer Reports (starting with calendar year 2010) are available below or by request from the OGE FOIA Officer at the address listed in the “Submitting a FOIA Request to OGE” section.  OGE's annual and quarterly report data is also available at

Annual FOIA Reports

1996 Report to the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (HTML)     
1996 Report to the President of the U.S. Senate (HTML)
1997 Report to the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (HTML)   
1997 Report to the President of the U.S. Senate (HTML)
FY 1998 Annual FOIA Report (HTML)  
FY 1999 Annual FOIA Report (HTML)  
FY 2000 Annual FOIA Report (HTML
FY 2001 Annual FOIA Report (HTML
FY 2002 Annual FOIA Report (HTML
FY 2003 Annual FOIA Report (HTML)
FY 2004 Annual FOIA Report (HTML
FY 2005 Annual FOIA Report (HTML
FY 2006 Annual FOIA Report (HTML
FY 2007 Annual FOIA Report (HTML
FY 2008 Annual FOIA Report (PDF
FY 2009 Annual FOIA Report (PDF
FY 2010 Annual FOIA Report (PDF) (XML)
FY 2011 Annual FOIA Report (PDF) (XML
FY 2012 Annual FOIA Report (PDF) (XML)
FY 2013 Annual FOIA Report (PDF) (XML)   

Quarterly FOIA Reports 

FY 2013 Quarter 1 FOIA Report (ZIP
FY 2013 Quarter 2 FOIA Report (ZIP)
FY 2013 Quarter 3 FOIA Report (ZIP
FY 2013 Quarter 4 FOIA Report (ZIP
FY 2014 Quarter 1 FOIA Report (ZIP)
FY 2014 Quarter 2 FOIA Report (ZIP)
FY 2014 Quarter 3 FOIA Report (ZIP)


Chief Officer Reports

March 2010 (PDF)
March 2011 (PDF) (XML)
March 2012 (PDF)
March 2013 (PDF)
March 2014 (PDF)

FOIA Improvement Review Plan/Report

In 2006, OGE issued its Executive Order 13392 (PDF) (HTML) FOIA Improvement Review Plan/Report (PDF) (HTML), detailing areas for improvement for 2006, 2007 and future years. In accordance with the Executive order and guidance thereunder, OGE also electronically filed its plan/report on that date with the Department of Justice and the Office of Management and Budget.