Helpful Resources for Public Financial Disclosure

For Employees

  • How to File an SF 278 Report WBT (2010) 
    An interactive web-based training tutorial designed for executive branch employees who need to file a public financial disclosure report (Standard Form 278, now the OGE Form 278). (Begin Module)
  • Periodic Transaction Reports (2012)
    This video is an introduction to the periodic transaction reporting requirement for public financial disclosure filers. (Begin Module)
  • 278 FAQs
  • Presidential Transition Guide (2009) (PDF)

For Reviewers/Ethics Officials

Nominee & New Entrant 278 Guide

The Nominee and New Entrant 278 Guide is an interactive tool to assist Presidential nominees and new entrants in completing the public financial disclosure report, the OGE Form 278. To open the guide, click "Learn More."

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