Future Employment Arrangement

Report an arrangement for future employment in Schedule C, Part II.

The guidance below addresses arrangements for future employment generally. For leaves of absence, more specific instructions are available. 

Future Employment Arrangement: An Example

For You

Schedule C, Part II

Report any arrangement for future employment with an entity other than the United States federal government.

Terms: Briefly describe the type of arrangement and its terms. In particular, indicate when you will begin employment. If you have a re-employment arrangement with a current or former employer, indicate whether you will continue to receive any benefits or other payments prior to re-employment.

Parties: Provide the name of the employer as well as city and state in which the employer is located.

Date: Provide the month and year in which the arrangement began.

For Your Spouse or Your Dependent Children

Do not report your spouse’s or dependent children’s arrangements for future employment in Schedule C, Part II.

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