Assets and Income

Report assets and income for you, your spouse, and your dependent children in Schedule A. Learn how to report a particular asset by selecting that asset or source of income from the table below.

Assets/Income (A - F) Assets/Income (G - Q) Assets/Income (R - Z)
American Depositary Receipt  Gambling Winnings  Real Estate 
Annuity (fixed)  Government Agency Security  Real Estate Holding Company (e.g., REIT) 
Annuity (variable)  Government Benefits  Restricted Stock  
Award or Prize  Honorarium  Restricted Stock Unit 
Bank Account (cash)  IRA, SEP IRA, or Keogh Plan  Salary 
Bond (corporate)  Intellectual Property  Self-Funded Defined Benefit Plan 
Bond (municipal)  Investment Fund (general)  Severance Payment (cash) 
Bonus (cash)  Law Firm (partnership)  Short Sale 
Brokerage Account  Law Firm (sole proprietorship)  Stable Value Fund  
Cash Balance Pension Plan  Life Insurance (split-dollar)  Stock 
Collectible Item  Life Insurance (term)  Stock Appreciation Right 
Common Trust Fund of a Bank  Life Insurance (variable)  Stock Option (incentive stock option) 
Consulting Fee  Life Insurance (whole or universal)  Stock Option (over the counter, puts and calls) 
Contingency Fee  Loan Made to Another Party  Sweep Account 
Deferred Compensation  Managed Account   Third-Party Escrow Agreement 
Defined Benefit Plan  Money Market Fund   TIAA-CREF 
Defined Contribution Plan (e.g., 401k or 403b)  Money Purchase Pension Plan   Treasury Security 
Director Fee  Mutual Fund  Trust or Trustee Fee 
Employee Stock Purchase Plan  Oil, Gas, or Other Mineral Rights Lease  Uniform Transfers to Minors Act / UGMA Account 
Equity Index-Linked Note  Phantom Stock  Unit Investment Trust 
Exchange-Traded Fund   Precious Metal  Will or Estate 
Farm (or farmland)  Private Foundation   
Foreign Exchange Position (forex)  Qualified Tuition Program (529 plan)   
Futures Contract (future)     

Other Assets and Sources of Income

If you have other types of assets, not listed above, click here for general guidance.

If you have other sources of earned or non-investment income, not listed above, click here for general guidance.

No Assets or Sources of Income

If you do not have any assets or sources of income to report, mark the “None” box.


This guide is not intended to provide investment advice, and you should not rely on statements in this guide when making investment decisions.