Cover Page

You need to complete the following sections and fields in the Cover Page of the report. 

Cover Page: An Example

Complete your cover page as shown in the example above. Some helpful hints follow.

Hints for the section titled, “Date of Appointment, Candidacy, Election, or Nomination” (Upper Left Corner): 

  • If you are a Presidential nominee for a position requiring Senate confirmation (“Nominee”), do not fill out this box. (Your agency or the U.S. Office of Government Ethics will complete this box later.) 
  • If you are a new appointee to any other position (i.e., “New Entrant”), enter the date on which you were appointed to the position for which you are filing a report. 
  • If you are a candidate for the elected office of either President of the United States or Vice President of the United States (“Candidate”), enter the date on which you became a candidate.

Hint for the section titled, “Reporting Status”:  

  • If you are a New Entrant, Nominee or Candidate, do not enter a year in the box that requests the “Calendar Year Covered by Report.”

Hints for the section titled, “Location of Present Office”:  

  • Address: Enter your current office address. Do not enter a home address. 
  • Telephone: Enter a publicly available office telephone number. Do not enter a personal telephone number.

Hints for the section titled, “Position(s) Held with the Federal Government During the Preceding 12 Months”:  

  • If you have held another position with the federal government during the preceding 12 months, enter the title of the position and the department or agency. Please remember to include the dates (month and year) that you held that position.
  • If you are being nominated by the President for the same position that you currently hold, you may simply write “same” in this box. 
  • Do not enter information about a position as a federal government contractor. Instead, be sure to list your contractor position in Schedule D, Part I.

Hints for the section titled, “Presidential Nominees Subject to Senate Confirmation”:  

  • Name of Congressional Committee Considering Nomination: If you are a Nominee to a position that requires Senate confirmation and you know the name of the Senate Committee that will consider your nomination, enter the Committee’s name in the block provided. If you do not know the name of the Committee, your agency’s ethics official will assist you. 
  • Do You Intend to Create a Qualified Diversified Trust: Mark either the “Yes” or the “No” box. In most cases, the answer is “No.” If you have questions, your agency’s ethics official can explain qualified diversified trusts to you.

Hints for the section titled, “Certification”:  

  • When your report is complete, sign and date the report in the fields provided. 
  • By signing the report, you certify that the information provided is true, complete, and correct to the best of your knowledge. 


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