FAQs: Honorarium

1. I received a $150 honorarium from a university in June of this year and a $100 honorarium from the same university in August of this year. Are these honoraria reportable?

Yes. The honoraria are reportable because the aggregate amount is greater than $200 from the same source during the reporting period.

2. How do I treat travel expenses that were paid for by a source?

In calculating the amount of an honorarium, subtract any actual and necessary travel expenses incurred by you and one relative. For example, if the expenses were paid for or reimbursed by the source, do not count the payment/reimbursement as part of the honorarium that you are reporting in Schedule A.

If you paid the expenses without reimbursement, subtract these expenses from the amount of the honorarium that you are reporting in Schedule A.

For purposes of this rule, “travel expenses” means the cost of transportation and the cost of lodging and meals.

3. Do I count my agent’s fees when calculating my honorarium?

No. You may subtract agent’s fees.

4. Do I report payments I donated or directed to charity?

Yes. You must report honoraria as usual. If you wish, you may note that the payment was donated or directed to charity in Block A.


This guide is not intended to provide investment advice, and you should not rely on statements in this guide when making investment decisions.

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