FAQs: Positions Held Outside United States Government

1. I am on the Board of Directors of my home owners association but do not get paid. Do I have to report that position even though it could not be a conflict with my job?

Yes. You must report any position you hold as a director, unless the organization qualifies as a religious, social, fraternal, or political organization. A home owners association does not qualify as one of these types of organizations that are excepted from the reporting requirement.

2. I am a member of an advisory board committee to a non-profit organization. Do I need to report this position?

It depends. You do not need to report service as a member of an advisory board or committee if the following criteria are met: (1) your service is unpaid; (2) the board or committee is that of a non-profit organization; and (3) you have no fiduciary duties of the sort exercised by officers, directors, or trustees.

3. I am the president of my son’s PTA. Do I report this position?

Yes. Mere membership in the PTA, however, is not reportable.

4. I am the conservator of my parent’s estate. Do I report this position?



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