FAQs: Precious Metal

1. How do I know whether my precious metal is “held for investment purposes”?

Precious metal held in the form of ingots or warehouse certificates would normally be reportable because they are held for investment purposes.

Jewelry or coins held strictly for enjoyment or utility would not be reportable. Periodic sales from a collection or an expectation of such a sale in the foreseeable future would indicate that the jewelry or coins are held for an investment purpose.

If you are unsure whether precious metal is held for investment purposes, consult your ethics official.

2. I have a gold fund. How do I report that?

If you are invested in precious metals through securities such as a metals mutual fund, a gold exchange-traded fund, or silver futures, report your interest according to the type of security. 


This guide is not intended to provide investment advice, and you should not rely on statements in this guide when making investment decisions.

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