FAQs: Salary

1. Which boxes do I mark in the columns that are in Blocks B and C?

You do not need to mark any of the boxes in the columns in Blocks B or C, which are in the middle of the page.

2. Do I report my annual salary or the total amount of salary income received during the reporting period?

Report the total amount of salary income that you received during the entire reporting period, not just the amount that you received in a calendar year.

3. What if I received a form of compensation other than salary?

Rather than writing “salary,” you may write another description that more accurately describes the type of income you received.

4. What if I received a bonus?

If you received a bonus, you may write the phrase “salary and bonus” and provide the combined amount of your salary and bonus.

5. May I combine salary and forms of compensation other than a bonus?

Do not combine salary with forms of compensation other than a cash bonus. For example, do not combine salary with income in the form of stock options, and do not combine salary with deferred compensation.

6. Do I report income from salary as an employee of the federal government?


7. What if my spouse or I received income as a contractor for the federal government?

While you do not report salary received as federal government employee, you do report income received as a federal government contractor.

8. What if I worked for a state or local government?

You do need to report your salary if you work for a state or local government.

9. What if my minor or dependent child received salary or wages from employment?

Do not report wages or salary that a minor or dependent child received.


This guide is not intended to provide investment advice, and you should not rely on statements in this guide when making investment decisions.

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