Reporting TIAA Traditional

TIAA Traditional Annuity is a fixed annuity.

Schedule A

Report a TIAA Traditional Annuity if its value was more than $1,000 at the end of the reporting period, or if it produced more than $200 in income during the reporting period.

Block A: Write “TIAA Traditional Annuity.”

Block B: Mark the column that corresponds to its value.

Block C: Mark the “Amount” column that corresponds to the amount of income produced during the reporting period. If the income produced is more than $200, you also need to mark “Interest” for the type of income.

Note: Do not mark the “Excepted Investment Fund” column. This product is a fixed annuity, not an investment fund.

Schedule C, Part II

If you hold the TIAA Traditional Annuity through a retirement plan, you also need to report your participation in the plan in Schedule C, Part II.

Terms: Note the type of plan and indicate whether you or the employer will continue to make contributions to the plan. In addition, if you did not need to report the plan in Schedule A, note that the plan’s underlying assets were below the Schedule A reporting thresholds.

Parties: Provide the name of the employer.

Date: Provide the month and year in which you began participating in the plan. This often is the date on which you became an employee of the organization.


This guide is not intended to provide investment advice, and you should not rely on statements in this guide when making investment decisions.

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