Nominee & New Entrant 278 Guide

Welcome to your new public role as you embark on a new leadership challenge. You may be a “Nominee” filer, engaged in a process leading to Senate confirmation and appointment by the President. Or, you may already be in your new government position and are filing as a “New Entrant.” In either case, you are presented with the prospect of accomplishing important policy and personal goals.

The opportunities presented by government service come with responsibilities. Transparency is a critical part of government ethics, and Congress has determined that the citizens should know their leaders’ financial interests. To facilitate such transparency, Congress enacted the financial disclosure provisions of the Ethics in Government Act. The Act imposes detailed requirements for financial disclosure for senior government officials. The OGE Form 278 is a financial disclosure report that requests only as much information as the Act requires you to disclose.

We at OGE are sensitive to the burden of completing this report, and the “Nominee and New Entrant 278 Guide” is designed to assist you with this process. Throughout the guide, you will find helpful instructions, illustrations, definitions and answers to frequently asked questions in plain language. We have attempted to keep our instructions clear and concise without compromising detail and accuracy. 

Please proceed to the “How to Use this Guide” page, and we will get started. 


This guide is not intended to provide investment advice, and you should not rely on statements in this guide when making investment decisions.