General Questions About Filing

Why must I file this report? 

The Ethics in Government Act requires employees in certain positions to file a public financial disclosure statement. If you have been given an OGE Form 278 to complete, your position is one for which a report is required.

How is the information that I report used? 

The purpose of this report is to assist employees and their agencies in avoiding conflicts between duties and private financial interests or affiliations. Your agency ethics official will use the information you provide to determine whether any potential conflicts exist. The form also will be made available if it is requested by a member of the public. Public requesters are prohibited, however, from using the information on your form for any unlawful or commercial purpose, or from using it as a basis to establish your credit rating or to solicit any money from you.

Can information about my spouse and dependent children be redacted from my OGE Form 278 Form if it’s released to the public? 

No. Information about your spouse and dependent children may not be redacted from a OGE Form 278 form before release to the public.

What periods of time have to be covered on the report? For example, do I have to list a stock I bought 10 years ago and list all my former employers? 

The periods of time covered by the form will vary depending on whether you are filling out the form for the first time, and what Schedule you are completing. Click on the following link to get a description of the reporting periods that apply in your situation. (OGE Form 278 reporting periods)

Where do I send my form after I fill it out? 

Contact your agency ethics official to find out where to send your form. Do not send your form to OGE. Each agency has established procedures for the submission of the form. Normally it will go directly to your agency ethics official, or if your agency requires that your supervisor review the report, to your supervisor.

Even after reading the FAQ page, I still have some questions. Whom do I contact for assistance? 

The best person to contact is your agency ethics official. Consult your agency directory or web page to locate that individual.