Public Financial Disclosure

The Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended, requires senior officials in the executive, legislative and judicial branches to file public reports of their finances as well as other interests outside the Government. The statute and the U.S. Office of Government Ethics's (OGE) regulations specify which officials in the executive branch file an OGE Form 278. Unlike confidential financial statements filed by some mid-level employees, the OGE 278 is available to the public. Reviewing officials within each agency certify and maintain these reports. Agencies do, however, forward reports of Presidential appointees confirmed by the Senate and certain other reports to OGE for additional review and certification.

Although a financial disclosure report sometimes reveals a violation of law or regulation, the primary purpose of disclosure is to assist agencies in identifying potential conflicts of interest between a filer's official duties and the filer's private financial interests and affiliations. Once a reviewing official identifies a potential conflict of interest and consults with the filer's supervisor as necessary, several remedies are available to avoid an actual or apparent violation of Federal ethics laws and regulations.

OGE Form 278

The versions of the OGE Form 278, the Public Financial Disclosure Report, available on the OGE website are for employees of those agencies that do not offer electronic filing.

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OGE Form 278-T: Periodic Transaction Report

The OGE Form 278-T is used by employees within the executive branch who must file public periodic transaction reports.

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Nominee & New Entrant 278 Guide

The Nominee and New Entrant 278 Guide is an interactive tool to assist Presidential nominees and new entrants in completing the public financial disclosure report, the OGE Form 278. To open the guide, click "Learn More."

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Helpful Resources for Public Financial Disclosure

OGE has developed numerous materials to assist both the employees who are required to file the OGE Form 278 and the ethics officials responsible for reviewing the forms.

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OGE Form 278 FAQs

This page provides the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the OGE Form 278e, the public financial disclosure form for executive branch employees.

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Presidential Appointee & Nominee Records

This section contains records pertaining to individuals who have been nominated or appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate to positions in his administration.

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