Instructions for Downloading and Using the PDF Version of the OGE Form 450 (2011)

This edition of the OGE Form 450 requires the use of Version 8 or 9.1 of the free Adobe Reader. If you have a lower version of Adobe Reader on your computer, you must first uninstall that version. If you use the incorrect version of the free reader, you will not be able to update the information on your form after you close and reopen your form. Although the form will work in Version 8, OGE recommends that you install Version 9.1.

  1. To uninstall Version 7 (or other older version) of the free Adobe Reader:
    • Left-click on the Start button.
    • Left-click on Control Panel (Windows XP) or click on Settings then Control Panel (Windows 2000).
    • Double-click on Add or Remove Programs. If you do not have administrator rights, you will not be able to remove the program. Contact your agency’s IT staff for assistance.
    • When a new window opens, select the Adobe Reader from the list of programs and click Remove.
    • Adobe Reader has now been removed from your computer.
    • To install Adobe Reader 9.1, go to, and download the free reader. Also download and install any updates to the reader as they become available.
  2. To download the OGE Form 450 to your computer:
    • Right-click on the hyperlink to the form. Most filers should select the first pdf version of the form, the version that automatically adds continuation pages.
    • Left-click on Save Target As. (Depending upon the browser you are using, this may appear as Save Link As or Save Linked Content As.)
    • A Save As window will prompt you to save the form to a directory on your computer.
    • Select a directory and give the form a unique name such as “oge450_johnsmith.pdf.” Click the Save button.
    • Open the form from your directory.
    • Fill out the form and save your changes. CAUTION: When you save the data you enter on the form, do not use the option named Save A Copy. This option will prevent you from making any further changes to the form.
  3. To add a continuation page to the form:
    • Add a continuation page for a Part from the last page of the Part rather than from any page in the Part.