This section provides you with easy access and information about various documents frequently requested by the Media.

Names of Nominees and Appointees of the Current Administration

Click here to obtain the names of individuals that have been nominated or appointed in the current Administration with the advice and consent of the Senate. The list also provides the positions that these persons were nominated or are currently serving in during the current Administration.

Public Financial Disclosure Reports

Click here to obtain copies of the Public Financial Disclosure Reports (SF 278/OGE Form 278) and available transaction reports (OGE Form 278-T) for individuals who have been nominated/appointed by President Obama to executive branch positions requiring Senate confirmation.

You must download and complete the OGE Form 201 (PDF) to obtain copies of the public financial disclosure reports of individuals appointed prior to 2009.  Mail or fax your request to access these reports using the instructions on the OGE Form 201.

You may also obtain the public reports of certain high level White House employees directly from the White House website by clicking here.

Ethics Agreements of High Level Executive Branch Officials (Presidentially Appointed, Senate Confirmed)

Click here to obtain ethics agreements for individuals that have been nominated or appointed by President Obama. If an official has a conflict of interest, he or she may have to enter into an ethics agreement with their employing agency. Ethics agreements include any oral or written promise to undertake an action to alleviate an actual or apparent conflict of interest.

Conflict of Interest Waivers

Click here to learn about the specific legal requirements that must be met for an employee to obtain such a waiver under the Federal criminal conflict of interest law. The media often has questions concerning how Government employees have dealt with a conflict of interest. One way the law allows an employee to deal with a real or apparent conflict of interest is through the issuance of an individual waiver. These waivers are issued by an employee’s appointing official. You may obtain actual copies of any waiver granted to a Government employee by an executive branch agency. You should begin this process by contacting the employing agency of the employee(s). Click here to obtain the contact number of a particular agency’s supervising ethics office. This office should be able to assist you in obtaining employee waivers from that agency.

Certificates of Divestitures (CDs)

The Internal Revenue Code since 1989 has provided for the deferral of capital gains taxes on assets that must be sold to address conflict of interest concerns. OGE issues CDs to eligible agency employees and certain other persons. Click here to learn more about how to obtain a CD. Click here to obtain the CDs of individuals who have been appointed by President Obama and confirmed by the Senate.

You must download and complete the OGE Form 201 (PDF) to obtain copies of the CDs of all other individuals in the executive branch who have been issued CDs.  Mail or fax your request to access these CDs using the instructions on the OGE Form 201.

Pledge Waivers

President Obama signed Executive Order 13490 on January 21, 2009 requiring that every full-time, political appointee to sign an Ethics Pledge. Click here to obtain copies of the limited waivers granted to appointees serving in the executive branch and subject to this Executive Order. The Executive Order provides for waivers from pledge requirements under certain circumstances. 

Travel Reports (Agency Acceptance of Travel Payments from Non-Federal Sources)

Agencies are required to submit to OGE semi-annual reports of payments for travel, subsistence, and related expenses received from non-Federal sources in connection with the attendance of employees at certain meetings or similar functions. Click here to learn more about this agency reporting requirement. You may obtain copies of these reports by clicking here.

Reviews of Agency Ethics Program

As one of its core missions, OGE conducts ethics program reviews to determine whether an agency in the Executive Branch has an effective ethics program tailored to its agency mission. Click here to obtain copies of these program reviews.