Media Resources

One of OGE’s main purposes is to help ensure public confidence in Government decision-making. OGE accomplishes this goal by providing the Executive branch with the regulatory framework for preventing conflicts of interest in Government work and by promoting the ethical behavior of employees in the Executive branch.

Public confidence depends upon ready access to information and a greater public awareness of Government operations and activities. This media page is intended to provide you with access to documents and information frequently requested by the media, including links to OGE dates and deadlines, and information about various ethics laws, rules, and advisories.

This information should enable you to better understand OGE and its unique leadership role in promoting ethics in the Executive Branch. If you are unable to find an answer to a question you have, after reading our frequently asked media questions, feel free to contact OGE’s Media Liaison.


Dates and Deadlines

OGE created this calendar to remind agency ethics officials of important dates and deadlines.

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