All Advisories - 2015

Title Date 
LA-15-01: Effect of Pay Adjustments on Ethics Provisions for Calendar Year 2015 January 06, 2015
PA-15-01 Implementation of Integrity and New Public Financial Disclosure Report Form March 02, 2015
PA-15-02 Public Financial Disclosure Report Form (OGE Form 278e) March 23, 2015
LA-15-02: Free Attendance at Speaking Engagements and Widely Attended Gatherings; Waiver of Separate Fee for a Meal or Reception April 06, 2015
LA-15-03: The Standards of Conduct as Applied to Personal Social Media Use April 09, 2015
PA-15-03: Deadlines and Procedures for Annual Public Financial Disclosure Reports Required to be Filed with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics April 15, 2015
LA-15-04: Treatment of Gift Cards under the $20 De Minimis Gift Exception April 30, 2015
LA-15-05: Determining the “Market Value” of Events When No Fee is Charged to Attend May 05, 2015
LA-15-06: Employee Benefit Plans Through Which Employees Hold Diversified Pooled Investment Funds and Employee Benefit Plans Established or Maintained Outside of the United States May 05, 2015
LA-15-07: Legislative Activity of the 113th Congress Affecting the Executive Branch Ethics Program May 27, 2015
LA-15-08: Annual Update of 18 U.S.C. § 207(c) Component Designations June 04, 2015
LA-15-09: Diversified and Sector Real Estate Funds (Exemption under 5 C.F.R. § 2640.201) June 30, 2015
LA-15-10: 2014 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey July 27, 2015