PA-11-03: 2011 Due Dates for Public Financial Disclosure Reports Required to be Filed with the United States Office of Government Ethics

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     May 2, 2011



TO:                Designated Agency Ethics Officials

FROM:            Joseph E. Gangloff

                     Deputy Director

SUBJECT:      2011 Due Dates for Public Financial Disclosure Reports of Executive Branch Officials Required to be Filed with the United States Office of Government Ethics

            The primary tool for identifying and resolving potential conflicts of interest is financial disclosure.  Through the financial disclosure process, the United States Office of Government Ethics (OGE) and agencies can assure the President, Congress, and the public that appointees to the highest level of Government will be free from conflicts of interest.

            Unless an extension has been granted, annual public financial disclosure reports (SF 278) must be filed with the appropriate department or agency no later than May 16, 2011.  The Designated Agency Ethics Official (DAEO) is required to ensure that each report—once received—is reviewed and certified within 60 days.  After certification by the department or agency, copies of the reports for Presidentially Appointed Senate Confirmed (PAS) officials and DAEOs should be promptly transmitted to OGE for final review and certification.  The table below shows the filing deadlines for the 2011 filing cycle and the deadlines for certifying and transmitting to OGE the PAS and DAEO reports.


Filing Deadline 

Certification Deadline 

Transmittal Deadline 


May 16

(no extension)


July 15

July 29

June 30

(45-day extension)


August 29

September 12

August 15

(90-day extension)

October 14

October 28


            Reviewing, certifying, and transmitting certified PAS and DAEO public financial disclosure reports promptly to OGE bolsters public confidence in Government processes, enhances employee respect for the ethics program, and prevents embarrassment of filers.  Therefore, if you are unable to timely certify and transmit a report within the given timeframe, please contact your OGE Desk Officer. If necessary, OGE will assist you with obtaining the information needed to certify the report.  

            If you have any questions, please contact Dale Christopher, Associate Director, Program Services Division, at or at (202) 482-9224.