Open Government

Building public confidence in the impartiality of government decision making is at the core of OGE’s mission. In support of the President’s commitment to the principle of an open government, OGE directs resources toward raising the visibility of OGE and the systems in place to identify and resolve conflicts of interest. OGE also directs resources toward making ethics documents publicly available. Transparency increases accountability and public confidence by providing information to the public about the work of government and the integrity of its decision-making processes. To learn more about how OGE is incorporating the principles of open government, read OGE’s Open Government Plan 

As part of OGE’s commitment to the principle of transparency in government, OGE provides the information listed below.  In addition, information about the agency’s work is available throughout the website, including information on OGE’s administration of the Freedom of Information Act and OGE’s implementation of the Plain Writing Act

To submit general ideas and comments related to open government at OGE, to give feedback on the quality of information published by the agency, or to provide input about the kinds of information the agency should prioritize for publication, please contact OGE by email at 

Annual Agency Ethics Program Questionnaire Responses (CY14)

Each year, executive branch agencies are required to provide to OGE responses to a questionnaire. The Annual Agency Ethics Program Questionnaire (Annual Questionnaire) asks for information about ethics officials and the administration of agency ethics programs, as well as core elements of the ethics program that assist in the identification and resolution of potential conflicts of interest. Individual agency responses to the Annual Questionnaire can be viewed here.

Presidential Appointee and Nominee Records

This page contains a list of the persons whom the President has appointed to his administration and whose public financial disclosure records are available from OGE.  Copies of pledge waivers are also available in this section.

Program Review Reports

Use the searchable index on this page to find the report of OGE's ethics program review of a specific agency or department.

Travel Reports

This section contains the semiannual reports of agencies of payments for travel, subsistence, and related expenses received from non-Federal sources in connection with the attendance of employees at certain meetings or similar functions.