Program Review

Program reviews entail a thorough analysis of the agency's implementation of all basic requirements of an ethics program, as well as more unique elements of a program that may arise because of the actual mission of the agency. Individual ethics program elements which the Program Review Division (PRD) examines include:

Ethics program structure and staffing
Public financial disclosure
Confidential financial disclosure
Ethics education and training
Ethics counseling and advice
Outside employment and activities

Following the review, a report is sent to the Designated Agency Ethics Official, the agency head, the agency IG if applicable, and is made available to the public on OGE’s website. That report may contain recommendations to improve the ethics program if deficiencies are found. Agencies are required to respond to OGE within 60 days concerning the actions they are taking pursuant to OGE's recommendations. To confirm that the agency has acted on OGE's recommendations, PRD conducts a follow-up review six months from the date of the report.