Post-Government Employment

An executive branch employee’s experience and expertise may make the employee attractive to a private sector employer. If the employee is seeking post-Government employment and the employee’s Government work offers the opportunity to benefit a potential employer, the public may be concerned that the employee will do that work in a way that favors the prospective employer. After leaving Government, a former executive branch employee could make unfair use of prior Government employment to influence Government action on behalf of another person or organization. Accordingly:

  • An employee may be disqualified from working on a particular Government matter while seeking post-Government employment; and 
  • A former employee is prohibited from engaging in certain activities after leaving Government service.

Before Leaving Government

In general, an executive branch employee is free to seek post-Government employment, but the employee may need to be disqualified from working on some Government matters while doing so.

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After Leaving Government

An executive branch employee may be affected by conflict of interest restrictions after leaving Government service (or after leaving certain high-level positions).

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