Current Executive Branch Nominations and Appointments

Copies of the certified public financial disclosure reports (SF 278/OGE Form 278) and, as appropriate, Certificates of Divestiture for individuals required to sign the Ethics Pledge set out in Executive Order 13490 and who have been nominated by President Obama to executive branch positions requiring Senate confirmation may be obtained by completing the automated OGE Form 201, "Request to Inspect or Receive Copies of SF 278/OGE Form 278 Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Reports or Other Covered Records."

The automated OGE Form 201 does not have to be completed to view/download copies of ethics agreements and waivers of the ethics pledge.

To obtain copies of records for individuals appointed prior to 2009 and Senior Foreign Service Officers nominated or appointed by President Obama to executive branch positions requiring Senate confirmation, you must download and complete the OGE Form 201 (PDF). Mail or fax your request to access these records using the instructions on the form.

Individuals marked with an asterisk (*) have records for multiple positions. The most recent appointment is listed.

For best results, enter only the last name or only the first name of the individual, but not both names.

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Name  Agency  Position
Sort by: 1 — 20 of 1155 Records
Abbey, Robert V Department of the Interior Director
Abbott, Sherburne B Executive Office of the President Associate Director
Abraham, Katharine G Council of Economic Advisers Member
Acton, Mark D Postal Regulatory Commission Commissioner
Adams, David S Department of State Asst Sec Bureau of Legislative Affairs
Adams, Felicia C Department of Justice US Attorney Mississippi ND
Adegbile, Debo P Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights
Adelman, David I Department of State Ambassador to Singapore
Adelstein, Jonathan Department of Agriculture Admr Rural Utilities Service
Adler, Robert S Consumer Product Safety Commission Commissioner
Aguilar, Luis A Securities and Exchange Commission Member
Alemayehou, Mimi Overseas Private Investment Corporation Executive Vice President
Alexander, Paige E * U.S. Agency for International Development Assistant Administrator
Alexander, Paige E * U.S. Agency for International Development Assistant Administrator for the Middle East
Ali, Russlynn H Department of Education Asst Sec Office of Civil Rights
Allison Jr , Herbert M Department of the Treasury Asst Sec Financial Stability
Almonte, Robert R Department of Justice US Marshal Texas WD
Althen, William I Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission Commissioner
Amir-Mokri, Cyrus Department of the Treasury Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions
Anastas, Paul Environmental Protection Agency Assistant Administrator for Research and Development

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