Precious Metal

Report a precious metal and income from precious metal in Part 6.





Income Type

Income Amount


Gold coins


None (or less than $1,001)

capital gains

$2,501 - $5,000


Platinum bars


$250,001 - 500,000


None (or less than $201)

For You, Your Spouse, and Your Dependent Children

Part 6

Report precious metal if either of the following is true: (1) the metal is held for investment purposes and had a value that was more than $1,000 at the end of the reporting period or (2) the metal was a source of more than $200 in income received during the reporting period.

DescriptionDescribe the type of metal owned (e.g., gold) and the form in which you hold the metal (e.g., ingots, jewelry, coins, or warehouse certificates).

EIFSelect “N/A.”

ValueReport the value of the precious metal by selecting the appropriate category.

Income Type:  Specify the type(s) of income if the total amount of income received during the reporting period exceeded $200.

Income Amount:  Select the category corresponding to the total amount of income received during the reporting period.

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