Unit Investment Trust

Report a unit investment trust (UIT) and income from the unit investment trust in Part 6.





Income Type

Income Amount


First Trust International High Dividend Equity Portfolio (FGRWNX)


$15,001 - $50,000


$201 - $1,000

For You, Your Spouse, and Your Dependent Children

Part 6

Report a unit investment trust if the value of the unit investment trust was more than $1,000 at the end of the reporting period or if more than $200 in income was received during the reporting period.

DescriptionProvide the exact name of the unit investment trust (e.g., list “Invesco Van Kampen Intermediate Corporate Investment Grade Trust” rather than just “Invesco Van Kampen”).  Providing the ticker symbol is also helpful.

EIF:  Select “Yes.”

ValueReport the value of the unit investment trust by selecting the appropriate category.

Income Type:  Do not complete this field for EIFs.

Income Amount:  Select the category that corresponds to the total amount of income received during the reporting period.

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