Bonus (anticipated cash payment)

Report an arrangement to receive a cash bonus payment in Part 3.  In addition, report the anticipated bonus in Part 2 (see Part 2 of this guide for details).

Employer or Party


Status and Terms


Allied Business Computing, Inc.

Reston, VA

Pursuant to my employment agreement, I will receive a performance-based bonus for services rendered in 2019 up to the date of my departure from the firm.  This bonus will be paid prior to my assuming the duties of the position of Under Secretary.


For You

Part 3

Report any arrangement to receive a bonus.  In addition, if you are an Annual or Termination filer, report any arrangement to receive a bonus that you had at any point during the reporting period.

Employer or Party:  Provide the name of the employer.

City/State:  Provide the city and state in which the employer is located.

Status and Terms:  Describe the nature of the bonus (e.g., “annual year-end performance bonus”) and the status of the arrangement (e.g., bonus is still pending, some bonus payments were received, or all bonus payments were received).  In addition, if the payment will be (or was) made pursuant to your employment agreement or a standard company policy, state this fact in your description.  Consult your ethics official for additional assistance regarding the language.

Date:  Provide the month and year in which you became covered by the policy or agreement that provides for the payment of a bonus from your employer.