Small Business (general)

Report what will happen to your small business in Part 3.  In addition, report the small business in Part 2 (see Part 2 of this guide for details).

Employer or Party


Status and Terms


WQX Solutions, LLC

Denver, CO

My consulting business will be inactive during my appointment and all outstanding client fees will be fixed before I enter government service.


For You

Part 3

Report any arrangement concerning what will happen to your small business during your period of government service.  In addition, if you are an Annual or Termination filer, report any such arrangement that you had at any point during the reporting period.

Employer or Party:  Provide the name of the business.

City/State:  Provide the city and state in which the business is located.

Status and Terms:  Describe the status of your business and how you will handle (or handled) any remaining fees owed to you (e.g., amounts of outstanding fees were fixed before entering government service).

Date:  If you have an arrangement with another party regarding your business, provide the month and year in which you entered into the arrangement.  If you do not have an arrangement with any other parties, you may enter the month and year in which the actions described in the “Status and Terms” field began.  If no actions have yet occurred (e.g., you are completing a Nominee report), you may enter the current month and year.