Post-Employment Executive Benefits

Report an agreement or arrangement for post-employment executive benefits in Part 3.

Employer or Party


Status and Terms


Allied Business Computing, Inc.

Reston, VA

Pursuant to company policy for retired corporate officers, I and my spouse will retain health insurance coverage for life.


For You

Part 3

Report any executive benefits that you will continue to receive after leaving an employer.  In addition, if you are an Annual or Termination filer, report any arrangement for executive benefits from a former employer that you had at any point during the reporting period.

Employer or Party:  Provide the name of the employer.

City/State:  Provide the city and state in which the employer is located.

Status and Terms:  Briefly describe the type of benefits received under the agreement or arrangement and the status of your participation.

Date:  Provide the month and year in which you became covered by the agreement or arrangement.