Business Assets

You are not required to report assets of a trade or business, unless those interests are unrelated to the operations of the business. 

What constitutes “unrelated” will vary based on the specific circumstances; however, the following general guidelines apply:

Publicly traded corporations:  Assets of a publicly traded corporation are deemed to be related to the operations of the business for purposes of financial disclosure.  Consequently, one need not perform any further test with respect to such interests.

Businesses that are not publicly traded:  One needs to consider factors such as the type of asset and its relationship to the economic activity conducted by the business.  No one factor is necessarily dispositive; however, in many cases, the type of asset itself will demonstrate a nexus between the asset and operations of the business, which removes the need for further analysis.  For example, in OGE’s experience, a filer would not need to itemize office furniture, equipment, supplies, inventory, accounts receivable, working capital funds, or real estate used in the operations of the business.