Other Assets and Income

Report assets and sources of investment income for you, your spouse, and your dependent children in Part 6. Do not include assets or income reported in Part 2 or Part 5. Learn how to report a particular asset by selecting that asset from the table below.

American Depositary Receipt
Annuity (fixed)
Annuity (variable)
Bond (corporate)
Bond (municipal)
Brokerage Account
Cash Account
Collectible Item
College Savings Plan (529 plan)
Common Trust Fund of a Bank
Equity Index-Linked Note
Exchange-Traded Fund
Farm (or farmland)
Foreign Exchange Position (forex)
Futures Contract
Government Agency or Government-Sponsored Enterprise Security
Investment Fund (general)
Life Insurance (term)
Life Insurance (variable)
Life Insurance (whole or universal)
Loan Made to Another Party
Managed Account
Money Market Fund
Mutual Fund
Oil, Gas, or Other Mineral Rights Lease
Option (put or call purchased)
Option (put or call written)
Precious Metal
Prepaid Tuition Plan (529 plan)
Real Estate
Real Estate Holding Company (including REITs)
Short Sale
Treasury Security
Trust (irrevocable)
Trust (revocable living)
UGMA or UTMA Account
Unit Investment Trust
Virtual Currency (or cryptocurrency)
Will or Estate

Other Assets and Investment Income

If you have a type of asset or a source of investment income that is not listed above, click here for general guidance.

No Other Assets or Investment Income

If you do not have any other assets or sources of investment income to report, you need to state this fact. Within Integrity, you would make the statement by marking the "I do not have..." checkbox. For hard copy reports, write "None" for the first line entry.