Intellectual Property

Report your spouse’s intellectual property and income from intellectual property in Part 5.





Income Type

Income Amount


“History of Clocks,” Stateburg University Press (value not readily ascertainable)



rent or royalties

$201 - $1,000


“Financial Disclosure,” 4th ed., Zorn & Co. (value not readily ascertainable)






“Circular frame and hub system for a conveyance,” Patent # 202,482,924 (value not readily ascertainable)




None (or less than $201)

For Your Spouse

Part 5

Report your spouse’s intellectual property if any of the following are true: (1) the value of the intellectual property was more than $1,000 at the end of the reporting period, (2) your spouse received more than $200 in royalties or capital gains during the reporting period, or (3) your spouse received an advance of more than $1,000 during the reporting period.  If your spouse received any other type of income, consult your ethics official regarding reporting requirements.

Description:  Describe the intellectual property.  For a book, provide the name of the book and identify the publisher.  For a patent, provide the patent number and a very brief description of the patent.  For other types of intellectual property, provide a similarly specific description that is sufficient for the reader to understand the nature of your spouse’s property.

EIF:  Select “N/A.”

Value:  Report the value of the intellectual property by selecting the appropriate category.  If you cannot ascertain the value, leave this field blank but write “value not readily ascertainable” in the “Description” field.

Income Type:  If your spouse received royalties or capital gains in excess of $200 during the reporting period, select the appropriate category.  If your spouse received an advance or other earned income, describe the type of income in the space provided.

Income Amount:  Select the category that corresponds to the total amount of royalties and capital gains received during the reporting period.  Do not provide an amount for advances or other earned income.